The Hygiene Company’s Stainless Steel Dispensers offer a sleek and effective hygiene solution that will enhance your facilities and corporate image.

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Featuring an array of different hygiene solutions in one sleek and compact unit, our Cleaning Stations are the ultimate systems for any business that seeks to maintain good hygiene practice, ensure safe facilities and improve brand image.

The diversity of The Hygiene Company’s Cleaning Station range allows clients to select what features best suit the wants and needs of their company, staff and customers; whether it be our dual system Automatic Hand Sanitiser & Wet Wipe Station or the more complex 6-in-1 Cleaning Station.

No matter what your needs, all your hygiene issues may be solved at once with The Hygiene Company’s Cleaning Stations.


The latest addition to our ever-growing range is the Optio Automatic Hand Sanitiser & Wet Wipe Station. The Optio encourages good hand and surface hygiene practice and, therefore, is ideal for areas with high footfall, such as shops and offices, as well as facilities with equipment that requires regular cleaning, such as gyms and schools.

The innovative double-sided access enables the simultaneous use of the automatic hand sanitiser by two people at once, and thus saves time whilst also keeping staff and customers safe. The Optio also features a removable drip tray which allows the station to be cleaned with ease. Furthermore, not only is it highly practical, but it is also highly aesthetic: the Optio cleaning station will enhance any environment with its modern powder-coated steel finish that can be customised in line with your branding.

It's all in the name...

‘Optio’ refers to a soldier within the Optiones Roman army unit who were required to move around for ad-hoc tasks and were able to fill several specialised roles, much like our cleaning station! Moreover, an Optio would be responsible for implementing orders, similar to how our dispenser implements hygiene procedures within our clients’ facilities. Due to their skills, Optio soldiers were paid twice as much as standard soldiers at the time; but don’t worry, at The Hygiene Company we don’t want staying safe to be a battle for anyone, so we don’t charge extra!

Key Features

  • White 1.2-litre reservoir-refill automatic hand sanitiser.
  • Capacity: 600 large hand and surface wipes.
  • Key locking system.
  • Double-sided access.
  • Antibacterial hand sanitiser foam or gel options.
  • Custom branding options available.
  • Robust powder coated steel frame and base.


At the cutting-edge of hygiene solutions, this station efficiently combines cleaning supplies and waste management in one place through single unit technology.

The station includes a bolt-on wet wipes dispenser, an antibacterial hand gel dispenser, a waste bin with a lid and extra storage for customised attachments tailored to you. Such attachments include: Liquidate surface sprays, a paper towel holder and disposable gloves.

With integrated wheels, you can easily move and position your unit to any location to suit your needs; this is especially useful for following footfall within your facilities.

If required, this station also includes a custom promotional Perspex screen (A5) to feature your branding, which serves to boost your brand visibility and presence.

Key Features

  • Facilitates sanitising for both hands and surfaces.
  • Single-unit technology.
  • Bolt-on wet wipes dispenser, antibacterial hand gel dispenser, waste bin and storage for additional cleaning products.Facilitates sanitising for both hands and surfaces.
  • Wheels enabling easy positioning and manoeuvrability.
  • Built-in waste receptacle.
  • Custom promotional Perspex screen (A5).


This dual-feature station is perfect for sanitising and disinfecting not only hands but also surfaces such as: shopping baskets and trolleys, gym equipment, desks and phones.

With its double-faced design, both the automatic hand sanitiser and the Wipepod® wet wipes dispenser may be used simultaneously, while the built-in waste bin allows for efficient disposal that prevents cross-contamination.

Depending on your preference, the automatic antibacterial sanitiser may dispense either foam or gel. Moreover, custom branding options enable you to add a professional touch that integrates perfectly into your workplace.

Key Features

  • White 1.2-litre reservoir-refill automatic hand sanitiser & WIPEPOD® antibacterial hand and surface wipes dispenser.
  • 19-litre steel mesh waste bin.
  • Antibacterial hand sanitiser foam or gel options.
  • Custom branding available for both sides (sanitiser and wipes).
  • Mild steel powder paint finish: available in standard and custom colours.

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