At The Hygiene Company, we thrive on innovation. Generating new ideas and solutions for the industry, in the form of cutting-edge and cost-effective products, is the foundation upon which we continue to build our future.

innovate . design . manufacture since 1992

While struggling with inefficient and impractical hygiene products at his local gym, our company director, Jonathan Bradford, conjured up the award-winning antibacterial wet wipes dispenser, later named the Wipepod®. This was first product of what would become a remarkably innovative and successful business venture: The Hygiene Company.

In the present day, we now have a vast array of premium products; whether you’re looking for baby wipes for your home, contactless hand sanitisers for your store or washroom monitors for the office, at The Hygiene Company, we have an outstanding solution for all of your hygiene concerns. The versatility, quality and high performance of our products are both acknowledged and valued nationwide by our diverse clientele; which includes the NHS, the U.S. Embassy in London, the Houses of Parliament, the Google offices, airports, health and fitness clubs, universities and schools. We trust that it would be challenging to find an industry that would not benefit from the use of our products.


At The Hygiene Company, we are increasingly aware of current global issues and, therefore, are constantly striving to find new solutions for our ever-changing world. In light of the coronavirus, while many businesses have suffered shortages, we have ensured that our clients are never without sufficient hygiene supplies. Furthermore, we have developed new products that are effective against the new strain of COVID-19, such as our SS4/SS5 antiviral hand and surface wet wipe range.

As well as ensuring the protection and wellbeing of people, we pride ourselves on simultaneously protecting the world around us through our range of environmentally friendly products, such as biodegradable wipes and recyclable wipes, and through the implementation of our Environmental Management Policy Statement.


As a business that thrives on innovation, we are excited for what the future holds for The Hygiene Company and our clients as we inevitably face new challenges.

Constant research and laboratory testing, alongside the invaluable feedback from our clients, prepare us for present and forthcoming hygiene concerns by helping us to improve the effectivity of our current products and to invent new, original products.

We continue to achieve our aims of:

  • Helping to make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place.
  • Continuing to innovate new products to add to our existing range of hygiene solutions.
  • Supplying products and services that are unbeatable by all other manufacturers.
  • Making the industry’s best hygiene products available to those who need them through competitive pricing.
  • Actively listening to the needs and wants of our clients to help develop new products.
  • Being environmentally responsible through eco-friendly products and a strong policy.
  • Providing tailor-made experiences; we enjoy working with our clients, so, if there’s a project that you’d like us to address, feel free to discuss it with us!